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Skill development & Rural Education

Education is the process of facilitating learning. Knowledge & skills to a group of people, through personal experiences, discussion, teaching, or training.

One of the most significant indicators of social progress is education, which also plays a decisive role in a society to achieve self‐sustainable and equal development. We impart basic education to many rural areas and we focus on their upbringing so that they become something in life.

Skill Development means developing yourself and your skill sets to add value for the organization and for your own career development. Fostering an attitude of appreciation for lifelong learning is the key to your professional success. Developing your skills begins with assessing which skills are important for your desired career development.

Our current engagements have meticulously civilized our knowledge of skill sets required to fulfill the roles in the Retail industry. Given these, LaDegain Group promotes skills development through various training programs like:

Technical and vocational education

Determining skills/competency standards

Training & Placement solutions

Assessments & Certification

Practical & classroom training

Mapping the gap in Human Resources / Skills